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Knot Top Hats and Other Baby head Accessories

Knot Top Hats and Other Baby head Accessories

Lately, there have been different head accessories entering the baby product market. From headbands to baby bows and turbans to the lovely and cute Knot Top Hats. Topknot hats are designed to keep tiny heads warm and cozy.  Created with the same premium softness and chic pattern. For baby headbands, there are different kinds of high-quality baby headbands available for children. Besides headbands, there are other kinds of hair accessories that can be used to style a baby or toddler’s hair like hair clips, hair pins but baby headbands are the most requested choice and that’s because they are convenient and does not require the baby to have hair before they can be used. This is great because newborn babies are usually hairless or have very little hair for the first several months. And when a baby grows hair or for toddlers with long hair headbands are a wonderful way of keeping your kid’s hair in place so that she can play and enjoy without her hair falling on her face or her eyes. Baby Headbands come in different styles and shapes.

The most common types of headbands are:

Feather design Headband:

There are headbands that are styled with feathers of different colors and sizes. They usually have a crochet or plastic base to hold the feather in place. These headbands are best for toddlers with a full head of hair because the plastic might be too hard on a newborn baby’s hairless head. They are great for parties because they come in different colors and can get costumey if not styled correctly.
Chiffon Baby Headbands: chiffon is a soft and ethereal fabric that’s great for babies. They come in flower motifs which are just beautiful and airy. They are available in different colors and are perfect for any age.

Knitted Bows Headband:

Headbands with knitted bows are a wonderful choice if you want something unique. They come in beautifully knitted bows in various colors arranged over a simple band. They come in different designs and colors for a new look every day. They are also available in crochet form and can be easily customized.

Ruffle Ribbons Headband:

This is another headband that’s available in crochet. The ruffle ribbon pattern headband on a stretchable base made with crochet pattern. Ruffles are always great for outings and go well with dresses.

Crochet Headband:

crochet is good as a base for other styles of headbands as mentioned earlier but they are also great on their own. They provide fusion, support, and style and also provide comfort. They can come in lots of embellishments on the top which imparts a fashionable look to this piece. You can always dress your little infant in this comfortable piece which is stretchable and easy to wear.

Fur Headband:

Fur is a very classy material and same goes for a fur headband. These fur headbands are great for cold weathers as then they serve a dual purpose of style and providing warmth to your baby. They are great to match with a  coat or jacket. Style your baby with a white fur headband and white coat on a snowy day to give that extra personality and presence.

Tiara Headband:

Doesn’t your heart just lift with lightness and joy when you hear or see the word Tiara?! Tiara headbands and Princess tiara headbands are very much in fashion these days and even more, baby girl toddlers love them! They come with beautiful rose flowers in different colors arranged on a tiara style band. You can dress your baby girl like a princess by making her wear this enticing piece which looks like a cute little crown with flowers and leaves. They come in different color combinations so that you can pick the one which matches with a Princess dress for your toddler. You can also get different princess themed headbands like Snow White, Belle, Cinderella and much more.

Flower Headband:

Flower headbands can come in different styles like chiffon as mentioned above but you can also get actual flower headbands. These headbands are made to look exactly like flowers, like roses, sunflowers, orchids etc. Flower headbands are a perfect choice for little girls. They come in various satin, chiffon and ribbon flowers along with their combinations which ensure a diverse look and feel.

Sequin Headbands:

Sequin is a good way to add shimmer and shine to your baby’s outfit. There are lots of headbands that come with embellishments and shiny beaded decorations. You can also find them in crown motifs and ribbon bows which look beautiful with small sequins lines.

Infant Headbands:

Despite the variety of options for headbands and bows there are headbands that are made specifically for newborn babies. This is because newborn babies have fragile heads and sensitive skin so extra care and thought is put into making these headbands. Baby Bling Bows offer special headbands in different styles that are fit for newborns to wear every day.

New inventions bring the luxury of options and there are so many options now available to make the lives of parents easier. Some of the various offerings of baby headbands are soft cloth bands, eco-friendly bands, silk bands, cashmere, vegan-friendly etc all available in a plethora of colors shapes and sizes. And it’s not just for headbands. There are so many new products targeted for babies and moms coming into the market. The baby product industry is a billion dollar industry and entrepreneurs are aware of this fact. Nursing pillows, vibrating mats, weight checking blankets, baby carriers, state of the art strollers, wifi controlled baby bottles and monitors etc. Some people have called these products gimmicks and accused entrepreneurs of trying to get a share of the billion dollar baby market. This argument is largely subjective. Some might say that so long as a product makes life easier for even one mom and/or bring comfort to a baby then why not?